About the company

We started off with selling cars. Several years of experience in car sale business made us strongly believe that POS products are an integral part of the process of selling both used and new cars as well as trucks. The truth was, however, that POS materials, most of which was provided by advertising agencies, failed to meet basic standards and requirements, both in terms of quality and durability. That is why in 2010 CSP decide it was time to act.

logo-exactoQuality was our main focus from the start. We deliver products dedicated to the automotive industry, based on our own observations, experiences and lessons learned. With the knowledge of industry’s needs and requirements, we decided to take it upon ourselves and face all these challenges. This led us to what we are today: a global supplier of a wide range of advertising materials to support sales of both new as well as used cars. We are the solution to the problems of dealers and points of sale on international markets. However, we still aim much higher, as we consistently strive to serve, by 2022, all manufacturers, no matter where in the world they are located.

logo-vc360So, to pursue this strategy, in 2016 we launched Exacto Holding to help us more effectively create and develop new tools to support the automotive industry. As a result we were able to come up with some innovative solutions for on-line presentation and sale of cars in a 360 degree technology. The latest launch of the company, which demonstrates its capabilities, is Virtual Car 360, which is introduced on further pages. Below you will find out more about our processes and technologies, and finally we will take you through the wide range of the products we offer.