The advertising materials which we produce for the automotive industry remain resistant to even the most extreme weather conditions. a number of elements contributes to this success. First of all, the products undergo restrictive research and tests. The condition we try to create in our laboratories mimic those prevailing in different corners of the world. The durability or sustainability which is eventually achieved, is the result of using the best mixtures and plastics for production. Equally important is the complexity of the whole process. It is because we liaise with several large production plants, where each of them is an expert in manufacturing specific, selected elements, which means flexibility and huge processing capacity. With this solution we never experience prolonged downtime periods in production, which may expose the company to losses, hence we can offer our products at attractive prices.

Each of the locations, where CSP products are manufactures, fulfils the highest world standards, which one may appreciate personally by being walked through the production process in details.