External Branding

We also offer a wide range of products for external marking of buildings and yards, which professionally expose the site around the company and distinguish its parts and zones. Upon individual request we can offer materials such as large advertising totems on a pole, with information at the top, with illuminated logo visible from a far distance.


We also offer a great number of different advertising pylons. These products are excellent carriers of marketing content and company information, usually free-standing, mounted in the ground. Welcome pylons at the entrance to the company's premises, often made with an illuminated inscription ENTRANCE and an arrow pictogram to direct the customer to the right location in your company. Another type of pylons are multimedia pylons. These are advertising pylons with a built-in display, for presenting multimedia content and information to the Customer. Also, an item in our offer - commonly known and used light boxes. a basic element of head office signage, usually an illuminated rectangle or square on the building façade. Combined with the rim, they make a perfect finish of the upper part of buildings. a modern element, which looks great on building walls, are illuminated spatial letters. They make an attractive form of visual identification, can be installed of various materials and with different backlight. To distinguish the main entrance to the building, we can provide illuminated entrance portals, perfectly visible from a distance, with glowing front and side elements.

All discussed products can be customised to customer's needs and capabilities, in shape, colour and size. We prepare technical documentation and specifications for each product and implementation. Extremely durable materials from which they are manufactured and modern production technology guarantee high quality, durability and sustainability of our products.

We prepare technical documentation and specifications for each product and implementation.