Purchasing platform

Global marketing solutions developed by CSP are used by both large players with numerous branches as well as single points of sale. In order to streamline and standardise the handling of orders from our Partners, we have created a personalised Purchasing Platform service, or a dedicated online store.

The challenge for any company, particularly for those operating through local branches or operating in a franchise model, is to build a coherent image while maintaining the autonomy of organisational units. This also applies to the selection of advertising materials which, on the one hand, should fit in with the marketing strategy of the entire company and, on the other hand, correspond to the specific needs of local subsidiaries. The Purchasing Platform offered by CSP has been designed to meet these requirements at the same time.

We create dedicated online stores for our customers, to which their local branches have access. Using the Purchasing Platform, the Head Office can prepare a set of personalised products for its branches. Upon logging into the system, a person from a branch may select products that are a match to the current needs from the already developed, ready-made pool of materials. Thus, the Head Office can ensure that the materials are consistent with the overall strategy and brand image. a branch manager will receive marketing support and may focus on sales objectives, ensuring that his or her actions are consistent and with the methods used by other representatives of the company.

The ordered Purchasing Platform is developed by CSP based on the state-of-the-art and reliable IT technologies, which are user-friendly and easy to use.